The Department of Assamese, Mahapurusha Srimanta Sankaradeva Viswavidyalaya was established in 2014. As one of the earliest departments of the university, this department was established with the aim to attain a unique identity among similar departments in various other universities. And in these past four years, this Department has been able to considerably attain its objectives of multi-linear vision, informative resources, value education, and quality production, and so on. The inclusion of Language, Literature, Art and Culture as the thrust areas of study and research is aimed towards achieving these objectives and it is believed that this would also be the triumph of this Department. It is envisaged that the Department would play a leading role in the exploration of North East Indian Language, Literature, Art and Culture, establishing links to South East Asia and also the pan-Indian nature of these areas which would in turn pave the path towards the gateway of global environment. The journal ‘PRAJYAN’ seeks to cover the areas of Language, Literature, Art and Culture and other similar and related fields to encourage new and unexplored areas of research. To that end, the editorial board of the journal invites original works of research for the purpose of publication.