Name of the Person Designation
1. The Vice- Chancellor MSSV, Nagaon Chairperson
2.The Registrar MSSV, Nagaon Member
3. Prof. Indira Saikia Bora, Professor & Head, Dept. of Sankaradeva Studies, MSSV, Nagaon Member
4.Prof. Pradip Ch. Hazarika, Professor & Head, Dept of Assamese, MSSV, Nagaon Member
5. Prof. Nittyananda Pattanayak, Professor & Head, Dept of English, MSSV, Nagaon Member
6. Prof. Bali Narayan Phukan, Professor & Head, Dept of Yogic Science & Naturopathy, MSSV, Guwahati Campus Member
7. Dr. (Mrs.) Tribeni Saikia, Asso. Professor & Head i/c, Dept. of Education, MSSV, Nagaon Member
8. Dr. (Mrs.) Jayashri Das, Asso. Professor & Head, Dept. of Juridical Studies, MSSV, Guwahati Campus Member
9.Dr. Jnanendra Barman, Asstt. Professor & Head (i/c), Dept. of English, MSSV, Guwahati Campus Member
10. Dr. Santanu Kalita Asstt. Professor
Deptt. of Computer Application, MSSV, Nagaon
11. Dr. Biman Kumar Nath Head (i/c), Deptt. of Economics, MSSV, Nagaon Member
12. Dr. (Ms.) Kakali Bezbaruah Head (i/c), Deptt. of Philosophy, MSSV, Nagaon Member
13. Dr. Dinamoni Thakuria
The Registrar (i/c), MSSV, Nagaon
MSSV, Nagaon