How Can I Pay Credit Card Bill? – Steps To Pay Credit Card Bill

How Can I Pay a Credit Card Bill? – Steps To Pay Credit Card Bill: Read all about the Credit Card Bill Payment Procedure from here. The rising favor of credit cards cannot be denied. This page will offer you a holistic thought of how can you pay your credit card bill. Additionally, it will also crack your suspicions related to the bill payment via correct instructions using many procedures.

Credit Card Bill Payment

As financial puppets, credit cards are reputed for anyone who has to assemble crucial and critical demands such as buys, payments, etc. Typically, individuals do not wish to spend their savings on any instantaneous consumption. Hence, they commonly resort to utilizing credit cards to meet their requirements.

There is an extensive degree of disparity among people regarding utilizing credit cards. While various think that credit cards lead to various unneeded expenses, others think that it assists them to nurture numerous emergencies also. In fact, though it has been misapplied by people to transact money and default revenues, it also has various enumerated advantages. Our easy instructions guide will help you in vending with the procedure and understanding how to do the payment of credit card bills.

Credit Card Bill Pay Process – Highlights

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How To Make Credit Card Bill Payment?

Here, you can check the determined many processes of payment of the bill under subheadings. This will play a role as a handbook for the next time you get yourself punched in the query of how to do the payment of a credit card bill.

About Net Banking

Net banking is the online banking service furnished by your bank to seek all the tasks for which you normally require to go to the bank. For instance, you can check your credit score, print bank statements, check your balance, and apply for DD (demand drafts), loans, and various other services utilizing net banking alone. Utilizing net banking, paying your credit card bill evolves a tad bit more straightforward.

First and greatest, you must go to your net banking account with the bank (in case you do not have one). With the certifications, log in to your net banking page.

To do the payment of the credit card bill, you require to add the card to your account (in case not included). This will glance at your billed amount, last transaction, minimum due, and last billed amount. You can straight transact from the page in case the saving account is included with a similar bank. You may check this procedure here:

  • You have to visit the Cards section in the menu.
  • Choose the Credit cards, which in turn take you to the page where you can notice the pending quantity.
  • Then, you should have to tap on the “Pay Bill” option to clear the pending bill by filling in the amount to pay.

Bill Desk

Bill desk is an online payment procedure that permits payments via any credit card and debit card in our nation India. In case you are wondering how to pay a credit card bill utilizing Bill desk, all you need to do is Google search.

  • You should have typed Bill desk + name of the bank (for which you wish to make the payment). This will turn you to the bill desk page made for that bank.
  • Then, you will have to key in your credit card number, email address, and payment amount.
  • Besides, select the payment mode you wish to process the commerce.
  • When the payment procedure is finished, a final acknowledgment is provided, and the credit card owed is compromised.

Mobile Application of Bank

Virtually every bank has a made application for meeting the client’s requirements. You require to download the application for mobile banking of your bank. Thereafter, add the essential information and verify to register your card on the mobile. All the credit, debit, loan, and other accounts regarding a respective bank account grabs are shown. In addition, to comprehend how to make the payment of a credit card bills utilizing a mobile bank application.

  • First of all, you should have to Log in to mobile banking.
  • Under these Credit Cards, you will also get the pending payment amount.
  • Afterward, you will select Pay Bill to make the payment.

Offline Procedures

A few individuals are usually not comfy with doing online payments. Thus, the banks offer offline payment alternatives also. For this, you can go to the closest branch of the providing bank of credit cards. There you can do the cash payment against the bill and you may also do the previous payments. It is a very easy process to make a credit card bill payment. More, you can also do the payment by cheque by lowering it at the ATM cheque drop box. This takes 03 days to procedure. Thus, confirm payment consequently, marking the dates in mind. In the below section, you can read all about this procedure in detail.

Safe Mobile Apps

Various mobile wallets have to appear that help you in the procedure. This involves Google Pay, PhonePe, and Paytm to anoint a few. Similarly, in case you are glancing at how to pay a credit card bill utilizing a mobile wallet, the procedure is quite easy.

  • First of all, you should have to visit the mobile payment app via which you wish to pay the bill. Let’s say you select PhonePe.
  • Beneath the Pay Bills portion, choose Credit Card Bill Payment.
  • Key in your credit card number for which credit card payment has to be made.
    Subsequent, key in the bill amount.
  • You can select the account from which you wish to make the payment on PhonePe to finalize the bill.
  • PS: Confirm that you have already included the bank account in the mobile payment mobile application. Otherwise, you will have to include the same before carrying out any trade.

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