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Aprta citizen.e pragati.org Login: The Government of the Andhra Pradesh has presented the e-Pragati Portal to offer integrated facilities to its residents. e-Pragati Portal purposes to deliver government facilities with accountability, transparency, more efficiency, accessibility and dependability. It concentrates on improving the differential of citizens life, via high-quality education and healthcare, augmented productivity in farming and allied events, the creation of employment by advancing electronics and information technology, and all, by offering good governance via this portal. On this page, you may grab the further information about the e-Pragati Portal in detail.

About e-Pragati

The aim of the e-Pragati is to be a motivation for growing the persuasion of executing many developmental projects and welfare plans initiated by the government. The provided below are the tasks of the e-Pragati online web Portal.

The attentive areas under the primary sector mission involve creating agriculture and allied events advantageous and tolerable, mitigating drought via water conservation, managing post-harvest events effectively, improve storage, processing, and value-addition capacity. Primary sector authorities and its sub-authorities interact with other authorities, within the state and also with the Indian government, exterior agencies like banks, private agencies, other state governments, and bilateral and multilateral budget institutions for releasing many functions and delivery of facilities.

e-Pragati Online Portal – Highlights

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e Pragati Portal – Services

Social Empowerment: The task of social empowerment concentrates as follows:

  • Observing the quality of facilities and enhancing the living standard of citizens.
  • Assuring specific fixation on the underprivileged sections of the society- specifically the scheduled castes and scheduled tribes, backward classes and minorities, and economically poor sections of other castes to confirm development with equity.
  • Confirming health care, quality education, and nutrition for all citizens to acquire the millennium development goals (MDGs) or other goals arrows such as tolerable development aims that are being designed by the united countries.
  • Confirming women’s commission and security.

Knowledge Skills: The critical focus areas under the Knowledge and Skills Development mission involve confirming standard higher and technical education to the youth, sector investigation of skill gaps, forecasting of employment and skills, industry cooperation, forming soft skills, placement facilitation, and acquaintance management.

Knowledge and Skills Development Mission units and sub-units interact with other authorities, within the State and also with authorities of the Government of India, and external agencies like other state governments, banks, private agencies, and institutions for releasing serval roles and for delivery of e-Pragati facilities.

Urban Development: The Urban Development Mission would concentrate on:

  • To set a roadmap for passable urban development by enhancing transportation, raising
    opportunities, housing, and living standards;
  • To keep solid waste management and remedy of wastewater, cycling-friendly clean, pedestrian and green urban spaces.
  • To offer financial resource mobilization plans for endurable urban development.
  • To show 03 mega cities and 10 smart cities.

Industry Sector: The Industry Sector Mission would focus on:

  • To enhance the quantum and standard of skilled manpower and make considerable employment chances.
  • To make employment chances for an additional 10 lakh individuals by the end of 2020.
  • To improve the productivity of all industrial sectors.
  • To help in executing strategic results as glorified in the Swarnandhra Vision 2029.
  • To secure sustainable and inclusive industrial evolution.
  • Institutional growth and capacity construction.
  • To facilitate planning and delivery agencies.

Infrastructure Sector: Infrastructure Growth is essential for economic development and plays a main role in specifying up an allowing platform for endurable economic growth. It consists of services like power, water, and electricity, sewage and sanitation, gas, telecommunications, roads, railways, ports, airports, which help commercial events, production, and consumption. Moreover, financial facilities like banking, industrial and commercial growth, tourism and recreation and other segments also greatly donate to the development methodology.

Service Sector: The task focuses on enriching job prospects, IT-based Governance, and tourism. The Mission would concentrate on enhancing job prospects and encouraging GSDP via the following development engines:

  • To offer the possibility of the education and health sector to provide high-quality facilities to other states and nations.
  • To Schedule a strategy and action goal for enriching job opportunities and presenting GSDP via areas such as tourism, hospitality, construction, financial services, IT, education, and other related events.
  • Executing development in the IT sector via Electronics and IT Sub-Mission, Innovation and Capacity Construction Sub-Mission, and e-Governance Sub-Mission.
  • Evolution of Information Technology Investment Regions

Other Services Provided By e-Pragati Portal

The following are the facilities offered furnished under the e-Pragathi online portal.

  • Government to citizens services
  • To enrich the transparency, efficiency, and convenience of citizens and businesses in trading with the
  • government, through the following features and services.

Government to Government services: This service for government employees for ingressing a variety of facilities is as follows:

  • e-Kacheri
  • e-CM
  • e-Office
  • e-Procurement
  • e-Nidhi

Technical Services: This website also facilitates technical facilities to the CIOs and technical users of the Government.

  • E-Pragati core platform-related artefcats
  • UX Artefactory
  • Pragati standards

How Can I Do The e-Pragati Portal Registration?

The user can register via the official portal of Aprta Citizen e-Pragati to grab the facilities, follow the steps shown below:

  • You should have to provide Login Details. To do it, you should have to do the registration first tap on the Login button shown on the main page to register.
  • You should have to choose the Option. To register with the e-Pragati online portal, choose any of the below alternatives under new user registration.
  • Fill in the Aadhaar Id with OTP, Aadhaar Id and biometric, Phone Number with OTP, email with OTP, and Aadhaar with OTP
  • You should have to choose the type from the list of alternatives in the dropdown.
  • Get the OTP, and then key in the OTP which you have received.
  • In case approved, an acknowledgment of being enrolled is shown in the screen of the user, and main page of the e-Pragati Web portal is shown. For more updates about the e Pragati Online Portal, you can visit this page regular basis.

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