Easy Way To Use Smartphones As Wireless Mouse For Your Laptop

Easy Way To Use Smartphones As Wireless Mouse For Your Laptop: Here, we are going to share all the information regarding Smartphone use as a Wireless mouse. You can quickly transform your Android phone into a wireless mouse with only one app. Your phone can work seamlessly as a wireless mouse regardless of the operating system you are using, including windows, Chromebooks, and Macs. It’s not novel to use a phone or tablet as a wireless keyboard or mouse. Many solutions have the drawback of requiring software on both sides.

You require a companion app on the receiving device, as well as an app on your phone or tablet. For further information, you have to read the complete article. As per sources, in this article, we will show a technique that simply needs an app on your android phone. It will then establish a connection with the receiving device much as a Bluetooth keyboard or mouse would. It’s much simpler to set up and operate your smartphone as a wireless mouse.

Easy Way To Use Smartphones As Wireless Mouse For Your Laptop

How To Use Smartphone As Wireless Mouse

Here, In this paragraph, we are going to provide you with some apps to convert your Smartphone into a wireless mouse. So, check the information given below.

Best Apps To Convert Your Smartphone As A Wireless Mouse

Apps like Monet PC remote, Universal remote, and remote mouse are excellent options for using your smartphone as a PC mouse. With a windows computer and an Android Smartphone, all of these apps perform optimally. Well, each of the four apps’ Mouse/touchpad capabilities worked without any noticeable slowness, and they are all simple to use. All of these apps offer various features and functions. These apps support the majority of fundamental operations, including cursor movement, double-clicking, scrolling, and gestures. Any of these apps are simple to download and use, allowing you to utilize your smartphone as a remote control or wireless mouse. For further information, you must have to read the article till the end.

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01. Monet PC Remote (Free) App:

You can download this app by visiting the Google play store app free of cost. It provides Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection between a desktop computer or laptop and a smartphone. You can customize gaming controls by using the accelerometer and gyro of your smartphone. With Monet PC Remote, the PC screen can also be seen on your smartphone. For connected devices, it also offers a file transfer feature.

To use the app first you have to download and install it from the google play store app and then select the option of connecting to a PC. You can choose between using Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or a USB connection to link your smartphone to your computer. Once you’re connected, use your smartphone as a wireless mouse.

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02. Unified Remote (Free)

This app also helps you to convert your android phone into a Wireless mouse. To download this app you have to select it and download it from the google play store app for free of cost. The app can easily connect to Mac, Linux, and Windows PCs. Unified Remote Supports encrypted password protection and has server detection.

Similar to the last app, these steps are needed to use this one. After installation, all you need to do is connect your android Phone over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. When the app is on your phone, you can then use it.

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03. Bluetooth Keyboard & Mouse (Free)

You may use your smartphone as a wireless mouse by pairing it with your PC using the Bluetooth keyboard & Mouse app from AppGround IO. Similar to a standard mouse, it has a simple design with left and right clicks. You will also have access to media controls like Play/pause and volume up/down. A keyboard that works on windows laptops can also be used with the app and can come in handy as a wireless keyboard for your computer.

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04. Remote Mouse (Free)

With the help of this app, you can connect your Smartphone to a desktop or laptop wirelessly, and has incredibly simple controls. Remember that the Remote mouse works only with Wi-Fi. Zoom, scroll, and drag motions are supported by the Programme. This app is also available in a pro version that unlocks several more features including a media remote, web remote, and app switcher. But for basic functionality, the free version is good to go.

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How To Set Up Your Smartphone As A Wireless Mouse

  • Install the app’s PC server app on your computer. Observe the Wizard or directions for installing the software.
  • Install the app’s mobile version on your Smartphone or Tablet.
  • After this, you have to join the same Wi-Fi network with all of your devices (Smartphones and PC/Laptops should be connected to the same Wi-Fi Network).
  • Then, you have to select from media, Keyboard, File Manager, and more options to perform the specified custom action.

Once the Smartphone is set up as Mouse, you have to choose the desktop app from your PC’s Menu bar, you may change the setting on the mobile app and move between activities. You can move, pinch to zoom, and conduct left and right-click operations by swiping your fingers across the screen.

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Advantages Of Using A Smartphone As A Mouse

You may adjust the level and Playback of Music and Videos, make brief notes, enter a password, and access online documents when you connect your smartphone to a computer. Additionally, it comes in handy if you wish to mirror your screen or when giving presentations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

From where can I access the process to convert your Smartphone to a Wireless mouse?

If you want to access the process and steps to convert your smartphone into a wireless mouse then you must have to read the above-mentioned article.

Can I use a smartphone as a mouse for a laptop?

Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity allows you to transform your smartphone into a wireless mouse. Android devices can be used as a mouse for windows laptops, Macs, and Chromebooks.

How can I control my computer without a mouse?

1. Firstly, Open the ease of access center by clicking the start button, clicking the control panel, clicking ease of access, and then clicking ease of access center. 2. Click to make the mouse easier to use. 3. Under control, the mouse with the keyboard, select the Turn on mouse keys check box.

Is there an alternative to using a mouse?

Joysticks, there is a reason joysticks are preferred by games. They provide greater control of direction and speed of movement than the standard mouse. The joystick also makes it easier to click without accidentally moving the mouse pointer and many have customized buttons for double click or even cutting and pasting.

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