Learn How to Fix the Problem of WhatsApp Live Location Not Updating

Learn How to Fix the Problem of WhatsApp Live Location Not Updating: As we all know, there are a huge number of WhatsApp users all over the world. whereas, Whatsapp has many features for sharing messages, media files, video calls, and location. Sometimes you face problems because you are unable to send your current or live location to someone else. In this case, your location will not update with your movement. If you are facing these problems then we are going to provide you with the information regarding the same. So keep reading this article till the end.

What Is WhatsApp Location?

Through this article, we will explain to you a few ways to solve your issue of Whatsapp live location not updating on Android & IOS. It is a necessary feature of WhatsApp. It allows WhatsApp users to share their location in a WhatsApp conversation. In a chat, you can share your current location, which is your WhatsApp location. There is only an online mode available to share WhatsApp locations and messages.

Learn How to Fix the Problem of WhatsApp Live Location Not Updating

What Is WhatsApp Live Location?

WhatsApp live location is flexible and changes as you move. You can share your real-time location with WhatsApp live location, and the data is encrypted end-to-end. You can even choose who you want to share your live location with, and the data is encrypted end-to-end. You can even choose who you want to share your live location with in WhatsApp live location. You can opt out of sharing your WhatsApp live location at any time. You can opt out of sharing your WhatsApp live location at any time. You can also set WhatsApp live location to expire after a certain amount of time.

How To Send WhatsApp Live Location?

Step 1- First of all, You need to enable the location setting for WhatsApp on your Phone.

Step 2- Then, Launch WhatsApp and open a chat with the contact you want to share your Live location. If you want to share your location with a group, simply open that group chat.

Step 3- For iOS devices, click on the Plus Icon on the left side of the chatbox. For Android devices, click the paperclip icon at the far end of the text field. Then, choose the location from the option displayed.

Step 4- On the subsequent page, click on the option of the Share live location tab to show your movement.

Step 5- After this, choose the period you want to share the live location for. You can also add a caption and then send it. If you want to terminate location sharing, just click on the option of stopping sharing option.

Reasons Why WhatsApp Live Location Is Not Updating

If you share your WhatsApp live location, it must update as you move. However, WhatsApp’s live location does not always update. Here are a few examples of when WhatsApp live location service fails.

WhatsApp Live Location Disabled

You must have to check that you have enabled the WhatsApp Live Location feature on your smartphone. If you have not given permission to access your live location to WhatsApp, WhatsApp will not be able to update your live Location information.

Device Issues

Sometimes your device’s hardware or software has some major issues which can affect the location finder app. It can create issues in the seamless operation of WhatsApp live location sharing or can even be the reason for WhatsApp live location not updating.

How To Fix WhatsApp Live Location Not Updating?

Switch On And Off The Internet Connection: To ensure a consistent internet connection on both devices, repair the internet connectivity. Connect both devices to cellular data on Wi-Fi. If the cause of the poor internet connectivity goes beyond simply turning on the internet, troubleshoot it.

Set your Device time Automatically By Internet: You must have to check your device time and date are correct. If not correct then you can update your time easily by clicking Setting- Date/Time- Set time automatically.

Ensure your Device’s Location service is enabled: You must have to check the location service is enabled on your iPhone devices or Android devices. Clicking setting-privacy-Location service to check if you have turned on your location service.

Reset the privacy and location: Reset location and privacy – By adjusting your location and privacy settings, you can prevent WhatsApp from sending live location updates. As a result, it makes sense to reset the location and privacy settings and remove settings changes that are preventing location updates.

Update your phone and Whatsapp: Making sure your WhatsApp is up to date is critical, as we all know, an updated version of the system will fix bugs such as WhatsApp live location not working.

Reset your Android or iPhone Device: If your device has a software glitch that is interfering with location sharing, rebooting or hard resetting is frequently a quick fix.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my live location not working?

One popular solution is to restart the phone simply. This can often fix minor software glitches that may be causing the live location feature to malfunction. Another solution is to make sure that there is a solid and stable internet connection.

Does WhatsApp live location update automatically?

With live location sharing, the location is dynamic and updates in real time, even after you leave the WhatsApp app.

How do I get WhatsApp Live location to update?

Enable location permission for WhatsApp in your phone setting > Apps & notification > Advanced > App permission > Location > Turn on WhatsApp. Alternatively, if you recently opened WhatsApp, you can go to your phone’s setting > App & notification > WhatsApp > Permission> turn on location.

From where can I access the reasons behind the problem of Whatsapp location not working?

If you want to access the reasons behind the problem of Whatsapp location then you must have to read the above-mentioned article.

What are the reasons for WhatsApp Location not working?

There are several reasons behind WhatsApp Location not working. It may be the problem of poor internet connection, some Device issue, Disable of WhatsApp location etc.

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